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Active Skills for Reading 2 Unit 08 Chapter 2


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The Right job for your Personality

Choosing a career is an important life decision, yet many people settle on one based on the opinions of friends and family. it’s very difficult to find something you really enjoy doing, but scientists have devised tests to help people come closer to finding their dream job.

One of the most widely-used tests is the Holland Code. Psychologist John Holland worked for more 5 than 50 years to develop his theories about personality and career choice. He created a set of six personality types to help people understand what careers might be best for them. Dr. Holland believed that people work best in environments that match their personalities, and the key to finding a satisfying career is to match your fundamental interests with an occupation.

Take a look at the six personality types below and see which jobs might be right for you. Most people io are a combination of two or three types.


Realistic people like to work with things they can see or touch. They are inclined to solve problems by doing them, rather than thinking or talking about them. They generally like to work outside 15 and are good with tools, machines, plants, and animals.

Job matches: carpenter, chef, nurse, pilot


People of this personality type value ideas and are strong at tasks that allow them to investigate facts and figure out complex problems. They are better at individual 20 work like research and study, rather than leading groups of people or working in teams.

Job matches: computer programmer, historian, psychologist, surgeon


Artists are creative people. They don’t work well with structure and rules, and thrive instead in environments that allow 25 communication and a free flow of ideas. They enjoy tasks that allow them to express themselves and mix with people.

Job matches: actor, art therapist, graphic designer, writer


Social personalities love to 30 work with people. They get the most satisfaction out of teaching and helping others, and are driven to serve the community as opposed to making money.

Job matches: coach, counselor, social worker, teacher


Many great leaders and business people have enterprising personalities. These are persuasive people who are good at making decisions and leading teams. They tend to value money, power, and status, and will work toward achieving them.

Job matches: business owner, event manager, lawyer, salesperson


Conventional people appreciate rules and regulations, and like having structure to their lives. They are logical thinkers and have a lot of self-control, making them the perfect people to work with data and details.

Job matches: accountant, analyst, editor, librarian

Nowadays, anyone can take a Holland Code personality test online to find what jobs might be right for 45 them. Why not try it today?

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